DubEL Global

About DubEL


Chidozie Chukwumah (President) is a true Nigerian-American. Born in Columbus Ohio, Chidozie spent his early childhood in Nigeria, before his mother (Nwogo Ejindu) moved the family back to the US. There, Chidozie had the opportunity to attend college and play basketball at St. Catharine’s College in Kentucky and Chicago State University in Illinois. After university, Chidozie spent five years playing professional basketball in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and China. After retiring from a life of pro sports, Chidozie fed his entrepreneurial spirit as an independent insurance agent in North Carolina. To help make a difference in his home country, he has partnered with long-time friend Elliot Ivey to form DubEL Global.


Elliot Ivey (CEO) grew up in New York and attended Wake Forest University on a football scholarship. He graduated with a BA in Economics, with a concentration on International Trade and economies in transition. Elliot’s journey then took him to Wall Street, where he worked for Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank before accepting an opportunity with a hedge fund specializing in Asian Markets. Here, Elliot handles trade and cash reconciliation, executes private financing deals and provides a variety of functions that help the fund run smoothly. In addition to a love for sports and finance, Elliot is driven to make a difference. DubEL Global is the shared vision of he and long-time friend Chidozie.