DubEL Global

The DubEL Solution

DubEL Global is an Export Distribution Company, founded by Chidozie Chukwumah and Elliot Ivey. They are headquartered in Beverly Hills California, but have strong, and long-standing ties to Nigeria. DubEL Global is a student of Africa's solar history, so to help best serve the needs of the people, they have developed a 3-tiered solar solution. These streamlined next-generation systems will allow you to roll out and scale up in ways that will guarantee success.

Imagine: power – reliable and affordable. An easier, better life for Africans. Energy that will provide growth. And as Africa grows, those who laid the groundwork will rise from Senatorial Leaders to the Liberating Heroes.


To ensure the highest quality products and industry-leading expertise, DubEL Global has partnered with Sun Light & Power of Northern California. For over thirty years Sun Light & Power has provided custom solar solutions. From houses of worship, to commercial and retail spaces, to municipalities, residential and multi-family housing. Sun Light & Power even has a long history with office and industrial applications, as well as educational facilities, non-profits and restaurants. Together, we are poised to service the unique needs of the African leadership and its people.


To best work with the needs of the African people and the local governments, DubEL Global has developed solar solutions in 3 sizes – ranging from smaller home units to enough energy to run a large facility, or small municipality.

  • Residential: 7kw (10 unit minimum)
  • Commercial: 100kw
  • Utility: 500kw - 1mw

Each solution has its own solar panel and benefit story, along with energy use and storage specs. We invite you to contact us about your specific situation and we will work to find the best solution for your needs.


In addition to providing reliable, sustainable energy and reducing pollution, DubEL Global will help employ Africans across the continent. From people at the loading docks where panels, batteries and equipment arrive, to the transportation needed to bring these materials to their destinations, to the installation and maintenance people who will be employed within the local communities - DubEL Global is dedicated to helping evolve a culture that believes in the power of renewable resources. A great gift for any Leader to bestow on their communities.